Tech I use!

From left: Ideapad330, Monitor connect to gaming pc, IBM Thinkpad x31, Thinkpad x240

Device I own:

By own I mean devices that I bought using my own money.

Device Why it's Suck What I like about it OS
Lenovo Ideapad330
  1. Suck screen, very suck indeed and the bazel ? I don't know why they still make laptop with bazel this big?
  2. Keyboard quite comfortable but still it suck blearghhhh, the big gap between the alphabets make me want to vomid.
  3. It has the suckest wifi driver I've ever known. I can't even use it sometime and even reboot can't save it. Only can use after shut down. Even x31 driver work more flawlessly.
  4. The first time I want to try linux *Kali thanks to Mr Robot* I can't even get the wifi driver working and I don't have ethernet cable that time. So I have to install windows 10 back because I don't know anything about linux that time except it's cool :p
  5. The battery life just ergh,, kill me.
  1. The fact that I bought it using my own money make me have kinda soft spot for it.
  2. It became quite OK after I add ssd.

Linux Mint.

Mediacore gaming PC
  1. The only thing that suck is I have to use spyware 10 OS because I want to play torrented games.
  2. It can play 2015 above games pretty well. Im addicted to RPG game "Divinity series*.
  1. I only used it for pure gaming, no email or personal things on it.
Spyware OS 10.

From left: Thinkpad x240, IBM Thinkpad x31

Device I use but I don't own:

Don't get me wrong, I never stole from anybody. All this devices I got for free because the previous owner want to get rid of them.

Device Why it's Suck What I like about it OS
Thinkpad x240
  1. Max ram only 8GB.
  1. Keyboard is pretty good, not as good as x31 tho.
  2. Changed to ssd an it run really fast.
  3. Light and small, I really love small laptop.
  4. Use to mine XMR sometime, I know it is wasted of energy but why not ? I can flex with my friend that I mine XMR.
Arch BTW
IBM Thinkpad x32
  1. It's quite slow. Understandable since it's old laptop.
  2. Parts for upgrade is either expensive or hard to find, so I never upgrade it I just use the base hardware.
  3. The heat, I dont know if there's something wrong with the hardware but sometime it get too hot.
  1. Keyboard!!! My fav keyboard.
  2. The size, but it quite thick and heavy tho.
  3. I really like to write on this laptop, so I use it mainly for journalling and write password.
Void Linux
Asus laptop
  1. Really slow, it have decent specs but I don't know why it is so slow.
  2. The keyboard feel clunky and the plastic body look weird and uncomfortable to use.
  3. Installed linux mint but still feel laggy and not so smooth, so I converted it into ubuntu server since I need home server to backup all my files.
  1. Nextcloud server run pretty well with this laptop.
Ubuntu Server
Lenovo laptop
  1. I got it with spyware 10 and it run pretty slow, downgrade to windows 7.
  2. Use to backup files and media from phone to this laptop and the transfer rate suck, can't detect external hard drive (I dont know why and too lazy to fix it).
  3. Rarely use it since I have nextcloud install on Asus laptop.
  4. Turn it on only if I want to use rufus(flash windows) or for system update(don't know if windows 7 still have update ?).
  1. The keyboard is quite good, comfortable to use.
  2. 14inch which is the best size for laptop(for me).
  3. Will change to ssd if I got extra money and install linux, seem like it can run better with ssd.
Windows 7

Last update: 16Nov21